Books 3-4

Paris is a Trojan prince that started the war by stealing Helen away from her husband, Menelaus. After this he then challenges the Achaeans to fight and of course Menelaus agrees to it. Paris then sinks back into the Trojan forces and kind of backs down. Because of this, Hector calls him out. Paris was shocked and didnt wanna be known as a coward so he steps forward again and agees to duel with Menelaus. The thought process was then they could see who deserved the beautiful Helen and there would become peace amongst them all. Helen is persuaded to go watch the battle by the goddes Iris digsuised as Laodice. After the duel began neither of the men could stab eachother so, Menelaus breaks his sword over Paris's helmet and begins to drag him across the dirt by his helmet. Right when the god, Aphrodites snaps his chin strap so Paris gets away. Menelaus gets very angry and picks his sword back up right when Aphrodites takes Paris and puts him back in his room in the palace with Helen and they lay down together while both armies are still outside wondering where Paris had gone to. Because of this Agamemnon thinks that Menelaus has won this duel and they demand for their Helen back. Because of all of this conflict, the gods begin to duel things out themselves. Zeus believes that Menelaus has won and he should be able to get his Helen back just like they discussed before the duel. But Hera just wants Troy to be demolished all together. They had to do something about this problem. Athena was sent to the battelfield to restart all of the fighting. Athena then goes into a diguise as a Trojan soldier and convinces the archer, Pandarus, to aim at Menelaus. Athena then protects the shot so it only hurts Menelaus. This begins war again and blood is flowing everywhere. The only people that were killed were minor people, none of the main people were killed. The gods once again help out and Athena helps the Achaeans and Apollo helps the Trojans. After talking about having a duel that would evetually create peace earlier on it has obviously failed and there is still no peace between them.

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