Books 15 - 16

       Zeus wakes up to see what Hera and Poseidon had created. Poseidon tries to blame Hera for it while Zeus tries to comfort Hera and explain that he does not plan for Trojans to win against the Achaeans. He tells her that he will come again and that Hector will die after killing Patroclus. Hector leads them in a charge against the Achaeans and while at first they hold their ground they then back off when Apollo starts to fight. The armies fight all the way to the ships and almost completely into the Greek camp. While this was happening intense hand to hand fighting began at the ships. Once again Great Ajax and Hector get all involved and tangled. Right when Teucer was about to shoot Hector with his bow, Zeus breaks his bowstring. Ajax encourages his troops to keep fighting from the ships while Hector gets the Trojans and little by little they fight until Hector is close enough to touch the ships.

           Patroclus begs Achilles to allow him to fight in his armor if he refuses to fight again in the battle. Achilles still refuses to fight but does allow Patroclus to fight in his armor with understanding that he will only use it until they save the ships. While Patroclus is in the middle of suiting up, one of the ships bursts into flames. Achilles demands the Myrmidon soldiers to accompany Patroclus. He prays to Zeus that Patroclus will return with himself and the ships. Zeus says that he will only let one of these wishes come true. When Patroclus shows up in Achilles armor the Trojans soon back off of the ships. Patroclus then kills evey Trojan that he comes in contact with. Patroclus then stabs Sarpedon, then both sides fight over their army. Hector steps in briefly to try get the armor. Zeus decides to murder Patroclus due to him killing Sarpedon. Patroclus decides to disobey and leades the Trojans all the way to the gates of Troy. Apollo then stabs Patroclus while Hector comes up and finishes him off.

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