Book One

   Book one begins 9 years ater the Trojan war began when the Acheans capture a trojan-allied town and take two women, Chryseis and Briseis. They each were claimed by two people. Chryseis was taken as a prize by Agamemnon, the chief of the Achaean army. Briseis is claimed by Achilles, one of Achaean's most valuable warriors. Chryses, Chryseis's father begs for his little girl back and offers to pay a large amount. After they did not give her back he prayed to the god, Apollo to help him. Apollo then struck a plague on a Greek camp. After this lasted for a little bit Achilles asked why this plague occured and Calches tells him about Chryses praying to Apollo. Agamemnon gets very mad and tells them that the only way that he is giving up Chryseis is if Achilles gives him Briseis as a compromise. Agamemnon and Achilles argue because neither of them want to give up these two beautiful women when Agamemnon threatens to go to Achilles tent and take Briseis himself. Achilles then draws his sword in defense when the goddes, Athena, comes own and calms his anger. Agamemnon then sendes Chryseis home and has heralds sent to get Briseis from Achilles tent. Chryses was so excited to see his beautiful daughter that he decided to get rid of the plague. Even though the plagues has ended things are only getting worse for the Achaean because ever since Achilles and Agamemnon got into that fight Achilles refuses to participate in the battle. Achilles had early asked his mom to talk to Zeus about punishing the Achaeans. At first Zeus wouldn't help the Trojans because his wife liked the Greeks better but eventually he agrees and helps the Trojans.

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