Book 6

The gods are then abesnt and the Trojans begin to get overwhelmed and draw back to the go back to the city. Agamemnon convinces Menelaus to kill Adrestus, a Trojan. After Nestor notices that the Trojans are becoming weaker and weaker he tells the men not to strip their weapons and just to kill as many as they possibly can. The Trojan's know that they are only getting weaker and weaker and decided to send Hector to go back to Troy to ask his mom to pray for mercy in the temple of Athena and that is exactly what she did along with her noblewomen by her side. Hector visits Paris, his brother, who had quit from the war. Helen and Hector both give him a hard time about it and convince him to suit back up and he goes back onto the battlefield. Before returning to war Hector goes to visit his wife, Andromache who is with their son, Astyanax, but the city wall. She begs and begs him not to go back to the battlefield. Hector then had to take off his war helmet for his son to see him. This was because Hector had to remember to keep his battle life seperate from his family life. After Hector leaves Andromache is positive that he is going to come face to face with death soon and starts to grieve over it all. Paris and Hector then meet up and prepare for the battlefield together, side by side.   

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