Book 24

          Achilles continues to abuse Hectors corpse. While Achilles doesn't care about Hectors corpse, Apollo is trying to save his body not letting the scavengers get to it. Hecuba is scared that Achilles might kill her husband but she assures them she won't by sending an eagle. This eagle represented good omen. Priam takes off with a chariot full of treasures. Hermes was sent by Zeus to guide Priam through the Achaean camp diguised as a Myrmidon soldier. When they arrived at Achilles tent Hermes reveals his disguise then leave Priam there with Achilles. Priam begs for Hectors body back. By told Achilles to think about the love between him and his father and that's what finally made hhim agree to give up Hectors corpse. Priam then falls asleep in Achilles tent while in the middle of the night, Hermes comes to wake him and reminds him that he can never sleep in the presence of the enemy. They then slip the corpse in the chariot and slip out of the camp without being noticed. When they bring the body back to Troy, all of the women cry in the sight of his disturbing corpse. The Trojans set up for Hectors funeral for nine days. Achilles allowed a break from the war so the soldiers could attend. On the tenth day they set Hector's corpse on fire.

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