Book 22

Hector is curaintly the only one still standing outside the city, he didn't want to back down and go back to the city with all of the other soldiers. When Achilles returns from chasing Hector steps up ad comfronts him. At first reaction he tries to fight back but then realises that he does not have a reasonable arguement and runs around the city three times with Achilles right behind him. Zeus thought about saving Hector but put Achilles' and Hector's respective fate on a golden scale and of cours Hector's sank. While Hector was on his fourth circle around the city, Athena (disguised as Deiphobus) convinces him that if they just work togther they will be able to take Achilles. After he stops running him and Achilles both throw their spears but they both missed. When Hector turns around to talk to his "friend" Deiphobus he notices that he has left. This is when he realises that the gods had just tricked him. Even though he knows that nobody is there to help he still charges at Achilles not even thinking about how he is wearing his old armor from when he killed Patroclus. Due to this, Achilles knows exactly where he needs to hit and the exact spots on his armor that are weaker than other. Achilles stabs Hector perfectly. While Hector was facing death he begs Achilles to take his body back to the Trojans. Achilles of course refuses and lets his body get eaten by the birds and the scavengers around. Achilles then allows all of the other Achaeans stab his dead body right before they tied it to the back of a chariot and drags him around town. When Andromache comes out to see her husbands dead body torn up and being drug around she is devestated and just sits to cry.

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